Guardian of soul and body bracelet - black onyx, hematite and crown marble set

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Onyx jewelry protects the wearer against negativity. Black stones represent a protective energy in the sense that black is the absence of light and can therefore be used to create invisibility.

How does black onyx affect the body?

The stones are recommended for kidney and liver diseases.

Black onyx stone can change the wearer's bad habits.

How does black onyx affect the soul?

It reduces stress and enables a good night's sleep.

It reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed by cravings.

It reduces the negative air around us, improving intelligence and spiritual inspiration.

This bracelet is strung on a durable, flexible silicone rubber band that stretches easily around your wrist.

And hematite is a strongly grounding stone, it keeps its wearer on the ground of realities.

Pearl size: 6mm - 8mm
The package includes both bracelets.

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