Jasper - exploding colors - chakra positivity bracelet

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These natural stone positivity bracelets with colorful stones are unique, colorful, stylish and exude positive vibes and energy. They are made of colored jasper stones. Kings and priests wore these stones in ancient times and knew their grounding and stabilizing benefits. Jasper was also known to induce peace and tranquility while eliminating negative energy. Jasper is a nourishing, warm and protective stone. Regardless of its color, be it yellow, green, blue, purple or deep red, they are considered spirit stones of courage and wisdom. All of them are closely related to the energy of the Earth, so the healing properties of jasper have a very good effect on people in maintaining their strength and emotional stability.

Material: jasper and genuine leather

Each piece is hand laced and inspected for the highest quality.

Size: adjustable up to 26 cm

Each piece is expertly made from environmentally friendly materials.

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