Amethyst mala

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  • Beautiful 108 pearl mala with lotus pendant
  • Made of 108 natural amethyst stones, 6mm beads
  • Malas are used by yogis to chant mantras while practicing meditation
  • The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Buddhism and Hinduism
  • The lotus is a symbol of purity of body, speech and mind
  • It reminds us to walk carefully in the world
  • Attracts all good things
  • NOT available in stores
  • Amethyst:
  • - Promotes peace, understanding and humility
  • - It brings satisfaction, healing, happiness and love
  • - Calms the mind and opens the heart
  • - Provides peaceful energy for meditation
  • The lotus is a symbolic sign of purity of body, speech and mind, while rooted in the swamp, its flowers bloom on long stems as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. This also symbolizes detachment, as water drops easily slide off the petals.
  • The lotus flower grows in the dark and turns to the sunlight, so the lotus flower reminds us of the incredible beauty that comes from change.
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