Shungite bracelet

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The effect of shungite is believed to create a powerful filtering, protective energy that can help mitigate the effects of negative energies and radiations in your environment and transmit the vibrations of wisdom emerging from the depths.

It can relieve stress and negative emotional patterns. You can begin to clear our meridian system and pull out energy blocks. It can help to get life energy moving again.

It can help clean your environment of electromagnetic smog, but it can also initiate cleansing processes in our triple being. It can help to clean impurities (physical-emotional-mental) and recognize negative patterns. It can help you let go of old belief systems, dogmas and create new patterns instead.

Shungite can form a bridge between wise experiences from the past and new solutions for the future. With its help, we can build a new Earth, a new future by learning from past experiences.

Diameter of stones: 8 mm

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