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The universe is often seen by philosophers as a sign that life is full of infinite possibilities. It is also a symbol of openness and freedom from restrictions. Increase your energy with the heavenly power of the universe using the Solar System Energizing Bracelet! Each natural stone corresponds to the emitted energy that can be absorbed by the mind, body and soul.

Our solar system energizing bracelet is made by artisans using high-quality natural stones, thereby modeling the breathtaking beauty of our solar system. This beautiful bracelet is charming, but also radiates positive energy to you.

Different celestial bodies convey different properties:

Sun - creative energy, willpower, abundance

Mercury - strongly protective, grounding, cleansing - removes toxins and negative energy

Venus - protection, inner strength, emotional stability

Earth - calmness, protection, mental and physical balance

Mars - courage, luck, motivation

Jupiter - integrity, inner strength, harmony

Saturn - awareness, balance, power

Uranus - relaxing, refreshing, calming forces

Neptune - inner strength, intuition, awareness

Pluto - conveys balancing, relaxing, grounding forces.

The size of the bracelet fits wrists with a circumference of 19-21 cm. It adjusts to size due to the elastic rubber thread.

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