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The eternal / infinite knot ... Symbol of harmony

The main feature of the mantra bracelet is a simple red eternal knot (sometimes an infinity or infinity knot) that represents the heart. The Eternal Knot is one of the eight popular symbols of Buddhism. The beauty of this pattern is that it closes upon itself, without gaps, leading to a representational form of grandeur and perfectly balanced harmony. Its beginning and end overlap, symbolizing the Buddha's infinite wisdom and compassion. Wearing the bracelet symbolizes compassion and wisdom.

In Tibet, Buddhist monks hand-knot these huge, spiritually charged Lucky Knot bracelets while chanting mantras. A mantra is a series of words or syllables that are chanted repeatedly as part of Buddhist practice. A mantra can also be seen as the energy of intention. Mantras bring about enlightenment and are commonly used as part of meditation.

Each Tibetan bracelet takes a monk 30-50 minutes to make. These mantras fill the bracelet with powerful spiritual energy so that this positive energy can flow through to the wearer. This trendy adjustable rope bracelet brings good luck to the wearer and attracts "All that is good" (We all know that Leonardo DeCaprio is a fan of these bracelets!). According to Buddhist belief, the left side of the body represents the receiving side, so wearing this lucky knot bracelet on your left wrist is recommended to ensure the flow of energy. It can be used as unisex wear and for most wrist sizes - adjustable with the sliding knot - from 17 cm to 22 cm.

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