Handmade wenge wood mala

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This handmade mala from the birthplace of the Buddha, Nepal, is adorned with strikingly beautiful ancient ethnic symbols, each piece a cultural treasure. These handmade necklaces are unique and original, decorated by Buddhists in Nepal, with colorful beads and an ornate design of drop skins that give the wearer an ornate ethnic feel.

Wenge wood is believed to help connect the root chakra to the Earth by stimulating the root chakra. This makes the sense of awareness, calmness and divine thoughts intimate. "W enge" also promotes the development of a deeper, calm state in the wearer, increasing spiritual energy. It is made with a knot that symbolizes eternity and brings good luck .

The pearls are hand-selected and strung on a strong rubber thread for good quality and durability. Each style has its own personality. It can be worn as a chain or wrapped around the wrist to create a beautiful stacked bracelet.

They remind us that life should be colorful and expressive. Cool and creative, classic and sophisticated, this handmade Nepalese Buddhist Wenge Mala necklace will personalize your entire look.

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