7 Chakra Reiki Energizing Bracelet

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The 7 chakra reiki energizing bracelet is made of natural stones that align with the 7 main energy centers of the body.

For decades, special stones have been used to increase the calmness and focus of the mind, as well as to reduce stress and promote health and vitality.

In the bracelet, these natural stones join the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life, which appears in almost every culture throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians to modern Buddhists and Kabbalists. Wood is the basis of life, health and prosperity.

The final element resting between the two crown chakra stones is the ancient Sanskrit symbol "om", which represents the all-encompassing cosmic vibration of the Universe.

The energizing Reiki bracelet, rich in symbolism, is the perfect tool to calm our mind and strengthen the body's own healing and protective energies.

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