Tibetan mala with 108 stone beads, onyx, tiger's eye or red agate

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Black obsidian is a powerful cleanser and a powerful protective stone. Its metaphysical properties provide protection against negativity.

Black obsidian is excellent for releasing tensions that build up in everyday life, including anger and fear.

The eye of the tiger strengthens the qualities of the tiger, it brings patience to wait for the most suitable moment with great discipline and determination. The harmony it creates calms us down and helps the wearer to concentrate and focus while meditating.

Red agate is a protective stone. This stone protects the wearer from negative energies and helps to get rid of fear and anxiety. This gem is very soothing; it helps balance the Muladhara (root) chakra and allows us to remain calm during stressful or emotional times.

Combine the benefits of both stones by wearing this black obsidian necklace!

It ends with a knot symbolizing eternity.

There are two styles to choose from: tiger eye or red agate version.

Flexible rubber thread

108 beads of 6 mm

Materials: semi-precious stones, black obsidian stone. Tiger's eye / red agate

Metals: zinc alloy

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