Copper bead Tibetan lucky bracelet

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Simple Buddhist bracelet with copper beads.

These beautiful lucky bracelets are the handiwork of Tibetan Buddhist monks. The knots are tied while chanting so that the bracelets can absorb the powerful energy that flows into the wearer of the bracelet.

A mantra is a sacred word, sound, or phrase that has spiritual and psychological power. Mantra is a "tool of thought" in Sanskrit and is used in meditation to focus the mind. We often see our bracelets on the wrists of celebrities, actors, and political leaders. By warding off negativity, the bracelets attract good and good luck into everyone's life.

We recommend wearing it on the left wrist, because according to Buddhists, it is the "accepting" side of the body.

Product description:

Material: Tibetan rope

Clamp type: Sliding knot

Length: one size fits all 17 cm - 22 cm

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