Tibetan lapis lazuli macrame bracelet

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The Lapis Lazuli crystal is one of the most powerful gems of minerals. The combination of sulfur deposits and unique variations of gold and white flecks from calcite and pyrite make these little lucky stones unique. The meaning of the Lapis Lazuli crystal is related to the third eye chakra, the energy center that processes the essence of the inner spirit.

The icon of beauty and fashion: Cleopatra, used the crushed powder of the Lapis Lazuli crystal as an eyeshadow. Lapis Lazuli crystal was also widely used to decorate the tombs of other famous pharaohs because it was believed to connect the physical world with the spiritual realm. If you would like to wear the Lapis Lazuli crystal, it means that you are ready for spiritual transformation. Known as the 'Stone of Wisdom', Lapis Lazuli is an ideal stone for setting intentions involving truth, awareness and intuition.

When you meditate with the Lapis Lazuli crystal, the doors to the wonder of the universe are almost opened. We recommend meditating with Lapis Lazuli, which helps you achieve spiritual clarity, a stage of a healing session of deep self-observation. This can be a quick 5 minute process to reap the full therapeutic benefits of Lapis Lazuli by increasing its healing energy even further.

During your meditation practice, begin by relaxing your mind, body, and spirit, focusing on your breath. Allow your thoughts to gently drift. When your mind has begun to quieten, you can use this time to focus on the energy of Lapis Lazuli and provide deep inner insight in times of uncertainty.

Looking into your soul, Lapis Lazuli helps you revive your own desires, dreams, and spiritual journey.

The bracelet contains 3 mm faceted stones of the highest "A" grade.

Circumference: adjustable from 16 to 26 cm using a sliding macramé knot.

We wish you good self-discovery in the spirit of Zen!

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